Christian celebrities shared their stories with the Parables audience at NRB

proclaim700x4002Parables, the 24/7 network that delivers thought-provoking and inspiring movies, TV series and documentaries, as well as a variety of ministries, is present at the NRB International Christian Media Convention – Proclaim 17.

Throughout the convention, Parables met with some of the most recognized names in the Christian community including celebrities, ministers and bestselling authors. These sit-down conversations, hosted by TV personality and singer Tony LeBron, focused on promoting the latest projects of each guest and sharing with the audience some heartwarming and motivational stories.

During the last day of the convention, Parables had the opportunity to sit down with George Barna – Founder of the Barna Group, who discussed a recent nationwide survey completed by the Barna Research Group that determined that only four percent of Americans had a biblical worldview. Barna, who has researched the Christian Church since 1984, stressed that a biblical worldview is based on the infallible Word of God.

Parables also spoke to Nancy Hanson from the Capstone Foundation and the Uplift Foundation, as well as author and George W. Bush impersonator John Morgan – War on Fear and children’s book author Todd Courtney – Be Responsible Like Max.

In addition, Don Larson, President of Sunshine Nut Company, shared his story with the cameras. Mr. Larson, who enjoyed a successful career as an executive at a popular chocolate company in the U.S., sold everything and moved to Mozambique, where he created the Sunshine Nut Company and now employs thousands of people. His work and philanthropy is helping communities all over Africa in the fight against hunger, poverty and diseases.

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Press Contact: Jesús Piñango

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