Upliftv Movies Examine the Power of Redemption and Selflessness on Cinema Saturdays

Olympusat, Inc., the TV and media industry leader specializing in Spanish-language TV networks, announces the network premieres of four family-friendly movies this month on Upliftv, a faith-based network offering inspirational movies, TV series and documentaries with a variety of ministries for denominations of all ages. These films are presented as part of Cinemas Saturdays by Parables OTT streaming network.

The Accidental Missionary

07/06 – 7:00p.m. EST

Like most Hollywood hotshots, what DJ Miller wants DJ Miller gets—except this time! A vacation mix-up lands him in the middle of an African village with anything but the luxury trappings he is used to. At first repelled by the goats, leeches, offbeat missionaries and quirky villagers, a change of heart soon leads him to rethink everything he previously thought valuable in life and just maybe that his arrival was part of God’s plan all along after tragedy strikes the village. The Accidental Missionary is a heartwarming romantic comedy directed by Chip Rossetti and starring Seth Adair, Jilanne Klaus, Ed Caylor, Markus Porter and Jason London.

Hansie: A true story

07/13 – 7:00 p.m. EST

Once South African cricket’s golden boy, Hansie Cronje’s involvement with Indian bookmakers—and his resulting public confession—rocks the international sporting community. His meteoric rise to glory and fame is nearly erased overnight as the tainted hero becomes the poster boy of a nation’s disgrace and fury. Yet even during Hansie’s darkest hours, inspiration can be found by the power of his wife’s unfaltering love, which shines like a beacon of hope. Hansie’s journey offers reassurance that we’re all capable of overcoming life’s difficulties with grace and dignity. Hansie is directed by Regardt van den Bergh and stars Frank Rautenbach and Sarah Thompson.

A Different Kind of Church

07/20 – 7:00 p.m. EST

Vito Bitetto ministers to drug addicts, recently released prison inmates, homeless people and others in A Different Kind of Church, an enticing documentary film spotlighting his transformation from ex-con and drug addict to founder of Good Samaritan Ministries in Florida. Interviews conducted inside the homes of men and women Vito rescued expose brutally honest and compelling testimonies of individuals who were once in the darkness, but now live in the light.  A Different Kind of Church is directed by Frank Panico with Vito Bitetto, Chris Dobeck and Kayla Gundolf in supporting cast roles.

The Lazarus Phenomenon

07/27 – 7:00 p.m. EST

What exactly happens when we die? Does the soul live on? What lies beyond? The Lazarus Phenomenon is a film that ponders humankind’s search for life after death. It is a riveting true-life drama examining religious and scientific explanations for near-death experiences. The movie is filmed in various locations, including the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. The Lazarus Phenomenon is directed by Regardt van den Bergh and stars Ron Bailey and Joshua Lindberg.

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