Upliftv Presents Supernatural and Romantic Christian Stories on January

The Upliftv January premieres have something for every kind of audience, from light and fluffy, romantic comedies to cursed, brooding shifters hiding away in a basement. Upliftv distinguishes itself as the one-stop-hub for spiritual refreshment with the best in Christian movies, series, documentaries and teachings.

The following films are presented as part of Cinemas Saturdays by Parables OTT streaming network.

Out of Time

01/04 – 7:00p.m. ET

A brutal child abuse turned homicide case puts Forensic Investigator Jade MacNeil in the center of The God’s Eye Project, a technology that taps into the very fabric of time in order to uncover the facts. But what Jade MacNeil discovers is a shocking truth about herself that threatens to shatter everything she thought she knew. Out of Time is directed by David Matthew Weese; starring Shelby Lynn, Ari Rufino, and Michael Wilhelm. Runs 98 minutes.


01/11 – 7:00 p.m. ET

When a group of friends gathers, none of them could have anticipated or predicted what would happen to them that night. What they do not know is that supernatural forces beyond their control are at work and they will be taken for the psychological ride of their lives—whether they want to or not. Scattered is directed by Cynthia L. Leon; starring Mike R. Tinker, Patrick Vann, Smitty Chai, Debra Ovall, and Damia Torhagen. Runs 105 minutes.

The Basement

01/18 – 7:00 p.m. ET

Around the world an event that happens simultaneously forces people from different walks of life to cross paths in a church basement. They must survive the night of chaos as well as figure out what happened to their love ones around them. The Basement is directed by Cynthia L. Leon and Gary Voelker; starring Mike R. Tinker, Patrick Vann, and Raian Stanley. Runs 118 minutes.

In The Dog House

01/25 – 7:00 p.m. ET

When a divorced mom tries to start dating again, her kids and dog set out to sabotage the dates. They are successful until her high school sweetheart shows up and he’s onto them and they do a comedic battle to sway their mom’s heart away from her high school sweetheart back to their father. In The Dog House is directed by Paul Rocha; starring Kim Hamilton, Matt Massella, and Alana Baer. Runs 81 minutes.


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